GoGetter Pat Wasterval


Pat Wasterval’s 10 years of motivating people to achieve their goals has included teaching seminars at numerous venues including Elizabeth Seton Women’s Center, Laguardia Junior College and the Tri-State Acupuncture Center in Manhattan.

Once a month Pat Wasterval guides a workshop based on her GoGetter's Guidebook that is a jumpstart to becoming a GoGetter! The Go Getter Academy Workshop deals with motivation and wellness issues. The Academy has the workshop monthly, but Pat gives talks and presentations for any group or age dealing with the topics of wellness, covered in the Guidebook in a casual open-forum setting. Pat Wasterval is available for and participates in all community forums, radio and media appearances where wellness and goals are issues.


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Moonli Singha

Through my engagement with Pat I have learned to look at my elusive goals from a much broader perspective and achieve clarity, insight and direction from which I can choose to change my life path as I see fit and commit to. It has helped me to resolve stalled areas in my life that I was unable to accomplish on my own. Pat is highly intuitive and skilled at cutting to the heart of the matter - Perfect for anyone like me who is put off by seemingly smug self help gurus. It really gives me an achievable, yet revolutionary, way of looking at life.  I have greatly benefited from the peace of mind achieved knowing that everything is written down in its place. And because I have peace of mind, I am more productive, and a lot less stressed out about what is floating around in my head. I am more focused, I use my time much more effectively and negative thoughts or time-wasters are quickly kicked aside. She continues to be not only my trusted mentor, but a friend as well. Her warm approach, keen sense of compassion for people and wisdom has made it very easy for me to trust her with any issues I may have faced – on both a professional and personal level. She looks to support you with your challenges and help you create a plan. What a treat and privilege it is to work with her, I am truly blessed to have such an amazing woman in my life!

Moonli is a Business Development Executive
Moonstruck Media Entertainment LLC -
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ext generation entertainment fund



You are invited to listen to samples of internet radio show where Pat Wasterval discusses her simple system in a no-nonsense engagement - now is the perfect time to get on track. Happy listening!




"When I heard the words "goal coach," I didn't know exactly what that meant, but somewhere in my gut I knew it was exactly what needed. I also knew what I didn't need. I didn't need a cheerleader. I knew where I wanted to go, but didn't know how to break it down into steps to get there. Pat and her goal-getter program, I believe, was sent from God in the nick of time. From the very first consulation, to many meetings and reached goals later, my gut feeling to have a goal-coach, proved very, very right."

Elise is the Managing Director and contributor for Food & Travel blog 'The Galavant Girl'


Erica Ferrari

"Pat helped me organize my goals and devise a plan to get them into action. Within only a few weeks, I managed to cross things off my list I’d been talking about for years! I highly recommend Pat’s simple and unique system of coaching. I can’t wait until my next session!" 

Erica is on CBS Moneywatch & Reporter CBS Newspath, and previously an anchor at Current TV


Charles Tackett

"Two years ago I was moping around not doing much of anything. Pat Wasterval suggested that I stop feeling sorry for myself and do a goal sheet. We decided that at the tender age of 57 that I go back to school and get a degree in counseling. We wrote everything down and I started reading my new goals every morning. Something inside of me woke up and I began enjoying myself. Now I'm a year and a half into school and it looks like I'm going to succeed in my new dream. I won't say that it's been easy but I feel I have a new lease on life."

Charlie is currently working in the mental health field helping as many people as he can