The Go Getter's Guidebook

This short pamphlet is not a workbook or the answer to all your problems, but it is a simple, inspiring, easy-to-read guide that opens your mind to new ways of approaching your desires. Many of us have never thought long and hard about exactly what we want, and certainly not how to get it! Gogetter Pat Wasterval guides you in this fun, carry-along pamphlet and steers you the right direction to start asking the right questions and getting what you want out of life.




Once a month Pat Wasterval hosts a Go Getter Workshop


Ask Yourself The Right Questions


Questions like "Are you fulfilling your goals?" (life is not a dress rehearsal). "Are you on track?" (or on the sidelines). "Does your life have purpose?" (only you know)." Are you happy or wish you could be happy?" (only you and the world knows). 

When you are honest with yourself, the answers to these questions can be surprising, but following what they tell you about yourself and your needs is a key to the pursuit of happiness.

This is a method whereby you can finally put that vision, personal or professional, into a plan and explore your future by staying focused. As a coach, Pat Wasterval gives you the necessary tools to apply action into whatever it is you want to accomplish in your life. Her "Gogetter's Guidebook" is a motivational jumping off point to help you change the way you think about  achieving your goals and how to do it. Sometimes our ideas are vague if we don't set a course with specifics - You can experience the energy of turning your dreams into a reality!  


About The Author



Pat Wasterval’s 10 years of motivating people to achieve their goals has included teaching seminars at numerous venues including Elizabeth Seton Women’s Center, Laguardia Junior College and the Tri-State Acupuncture Center in Manhattan. Her clients have gone on to direct a movie, write a novel, host a one-woman art show, be a part of the national tour of The Color Purple, and even get married! Using her own goal-setting techniques she has traveled extensively, lived in Paris, played on a championship tennis team, lived on remote beaches, and realized many dreams. Moving to New York City was a life-long dream, and she plans on pursuing many more - join her on this journey and discover your destiny! 

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