The Go Getter's Guidebook

This short pamphlet is not a workbook or the answer to all your problems, but it is a simple, inspiring, easy-to-read guide that opens your mind to new ways of approaching your desires. Many of us have never thought long and hard about exactly what we want, and certainly not how to get it! Gogetter Pat Wasterval guides you in this fun, carry-along pamphlet and steers you the right direction to start asking the right questions and getting what you want out of life.


Once a month Pat Wasterval hosts a Go Getter Academy Workshop dealing with motivation and wellness issues. The Academy has the workshop monthly, but also gives talks or presentations for any group or age dealing with the topics covered in the Guidebook in a casual open-forum setting. Pat Wasterval is available for and participates in all community forums, radio and media appearances where wellness and goals are issues.


Pat Wasterval’s 10 years of motivating people to achieve their goals has included teaching seminars at numerous venues including Elizabeth Seton Women’s Center, Laguardia Junior College and the Tri-State Acupuncture Center in Manhattan.