Young people are close to my heart - and I have had the opportunity to work with them, and we can make a difference by asking the questions and tracking them on to a future full of hope, potential and value for our society.  

I believe no child's goal should be left behind.

Having had the opportunity to work with young people - those who are already out of college and in their early 30's, I have found a phenomenon - they are all highly educated, from ivy league schools even, and yet are so lost on their path in life.  

This seems to have turned into a systemic problem in our society - our education is educating, but are our young people having a real conversation about their future?  Without going into a lot of detail, it is a fact today that the "guidance counselor" portion of the school system is almost nonexistent.  There are many sad statistics about the ratio of student to counselor and many of the students are falling through the cracks - or simply don't have the resources, and of course the financing being the most prevalent, to continue on with a higher education.  Of course this is not to ignore the fact that many groups and organizations have and continue to help our youth to support them.  However, I believe - and it is my passion - to have a more serious dialogue with our youth and bring in mentors, businesses and other entities to partner up with what I call the GoGetter movement.  

My coaching - and my guidebook - is inspiring and calls to action (and I believe our society has made it a call to arms) what we can all do together to reexamine what we can bring to the youth and what we can unearth in their potential.  My  easy guidebook asks the pertinent questions and opens up a conversation about what you want to do with your life, and the youth are so curious! and especially about themselves!!!