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About Pat Wasterval,

Pat Wasterval’s 10 years of motivating people to achieve their goals has included teaching seminars at numerous venues including Elizabeth Seton Women’s Center, Laguardia Junior College and the Tri-State Acupuncture Center in Manhattan. Her clients have gone on to direct a movie, write a novel, host a one-woman art show, be a part of the national tour of The Color Purple, and even get married! Using her own goal-setting techniques she has traveled extensively, lived in Paris, played on a championship tennis team, lived on remote beaches, and realized many dreams. Moving to New York City was a life-long dream, and she plans on pursuing many more - join her on this journey and discover your destiny!


& The Gogetter's Guidebook



The Gogetter's Guidebook is a short pamphlet full of inspiring calls to action and new ways of approaching your problems and specific suggestions on what you can do to make the changes you want. The casual tone, brevity and approachable illustrations make it useful for goal getter's of all ages.



It’s also an issue of wellness that could easily be addressed in a public forum, talk or presentation for any group or age. It can also be a media concept, with public participation to explore their individual futures in a community atmosphere.


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Radio & Media Appearances,

Pat Wasterval participates in all community forums where wellness and goals are issues. Click here to listen to a selection of Pat's conversations on these topics.